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The Robert A. Jeffreys Scholarship

Robert Jeffreys, for whom the scholarship is named, was born on August 21, 1989 to William and Belinda Jeffreys. Robert was privileged to attend SCA from k-4 through 4th grade. Robert really wanted to know what God’s Word said about everything. He was constantly asking questions and was very concerned about getting his family to have daily devotions.

Robert was a “giver”. He gave smiles – rare did he not wear one. He gave love. He lit up any room he occupied through his kindness, sensitivity, and quick wit. He gave hugs and he gave “life” to so many lives that he touched. Robert’s physical life ended shortly after his 12th birthday. He was doing what he loved—-racing his dirt bike. His family is deeply thankful for the school and the opportunity for Robert to attend. With the giving of this scholarship, it is the family’s wish that Robert’s life will continue to touch the lives of others.

Seniors who demonstrate Christ-like character, academic scholarship, and athletic achievement are invited to apply for this scholarship.

The Kacee Griffin Memorial Scholarship

The Kacee Griffin Memorial Scholarship was established in 2011 by the Griffin family to honor Mrs.Griffin and her special love for Suffolk Christian Academy. Katy “Kacee” Griffin was a beloved wife, mother, and elementary school principal. On May 11, 2011, Kacee lost her battle with breast cancer and went to be with her Savior in Heaven. She is greatly missed.

The recipient of the $1,000 scholarship will receive the award in increments divided over their monthly payment plan. The scholarship is awarded to one 1st – 12th grade SCA student who demonstrates Christ-like character, academic achievement, and the desire to continue his/her education at Suffolk Christian Academy. The recipient must continue to maintain a high standard of conduct that emulates the principles of the Kacee Griffin Memorial Scholarship and must maintain a “C” average throughout the year. Pending the availability of funds, additional recipients will be awarded various amounts. Applications are accepted from February 1st – March 31st each year.

Suffolk Christian Academy appreciates the family, friends, students, and co-workers of Kacee Griffin for bestowing this blessing on a student each year. May this memorial gift be pleasing to Kacee and our Lord!

The Michelle and Henry Acree Scholarship

The Michele and Henry Acree Scholarship Fund was established in 2015 by Michele’s family, colleagues,and friends to honor their memory. Michele was the loving wife of Tyler Acree. She was the Assistant Vice-President of Operations at Investor Securities Group, Inc. At the time of her passing, the couple were weeks away from the expected arrival of their precious son, Henry. While traveling home from work on December 12, 2014, Michele and her unborn son were in an automobile accident that took their lives. Michele’s colleagues, friends, and family treasure her and her unborn son’s life and the Christian faith that defined her. She often shared her love for the Lord and her belief in Christian education. Those closest to her felt it was appropriate to honor her by establishing a scholarship for Christian education at Suffolk Christian Academy.

This scholarship is awarded to an existing SCA student who is in need of financial assistance. The scholarship recipient will be awarded $1,000 for tuition to be distributed in increments of $100 per month. Applications will be available on March 1. The deadline for submission will be March 31st.

It is an awesome privilege for Suffolk Christian Academy to be part of carrying on Michele and Henry’s memory. The academy desires to honor their memory through gratitude and representing the God that Michele loves so well.

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