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We aim to give students the tools they need to successfully navigate the classroom experience and prepare them for Kindergarten.
Your child will receive a firm foundation to prepare them for middle school and beyond.
Middle school students will be equipped with organizational and academic skills needed to succeed.
Your high school student will develop academic and biblical knowledge essential for higher education and careers.

Our student support specialists are qualified, educational therapists.

Exceptional Learners

Our Student Support Program provides individualized intervention for students with exceptionalities and who are experiencing struggles in academics, social interactions, organization, or other needs documented through internal and
external services. For the student’s progress and success, we take a team approach
which includes parents, teachers, educational therapists, and administration.

Our goal is to graduate students from the program as independent, lifelong learners who are thoroughly equipped for future challenges and success. To accomplish this goal, our services include assessments, individualized educational therapy, RX for Reading or Math courses, SEARCH and TEACH, individualized course instruction, and tutoring.

Program Offerings


To ensure the integrity of our program, students are identified for services through external as well as, internal assessments.

NILD Educational Therapy

Discover how your particular student is wired for learning and unlock the mind of the struggling learner through NILD based interventions.

RX for Math & Reading

This instruction is for students in 4th-12th grade who need additional assistance in developing literacy and math skills while using evidence based strategies.

Search & Teach

This program is designed for kindergarten through second grade students in need of improving foundational skills for reading success.

Meet Our Team

SCA’s Student Support team is comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds who are all highly qualified educators each is trained and certified as a NILD Educational Therapist. Our entire team of therapists have a master’s in education and the Student Support Coordinator holds a Doctorate in Education. Currently, on staff, we have two full-time and two part-time educational therapists (ET). Student Support has a team consisting of two Level III P.C.E.T educational therapist, one Level II educational therapist, one Level I educational therapist.

Student Support

Dr. DawnMarie Brittingham

Student Support Supervisor

As an employee of SCA for over 21 years, as well as a parent of five alumni and three current students, I understand the importance and value of biblical education. Working with struggling learners is my passion. This is why I believe the Lord has distinctly placed me at SCA to do kingdom work and to lead the Student Support Program at SCA.

Hear from Our Parents

SCA students are accepted into colleges all across the country. The list below is not exhaustive, but representative.

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John Doe
Parent of High School Student
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John Doe
Parent of High School Student
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